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Italy rescues over 6,700 migrants from Mediterranean Sea in past 48 hours


SomaNet News Archive

(By Estera Popowska)

A total of 6,771 migrants have been rescued from Mediterranean Sea off Libyan coast over the past 48 hours, Aljazeera reported. The Libyan Coast Guard said on Monday that atleast 6,771 survivors were rescued in the seas north of Libya from overcrowded rubber dinghies and unseaworthy fishing boats sent out by smuggling rings, in a three-day period ending Sunday.

According to Aljazeera, ten bodies were found on Sunday on boats or in the sea adding that calm seas and mild temperatures fueled the spike in human trafficking - just like it did last month when nearly 6,000 migrants were rescued during a few days of good weather.

Al Jazeera's Stephanie Dekker, reporting from the port of Pozzallo, on the island of Sicily, said that while the boats had docked, most of the occupants had yet to disembark. 

"We're being told that there is a rigorous one-by-one medical check-up going on to ensure that people do not carry transmittable diseases," she said.

Italy has not yet released the total number of migrant arrivals in April, but the relentless stream of migrants this year is on track to surpass the 170,000 rescued at sea by Italy in 2014 (Aljazeera)