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Canada: 10 young people arrested trying to join Islamic State group


SomaNet News Archive

(By Estera Popowska)

Some 10 young people have been arrested by Canadian police as they allegedly tried to leave Canada to join the Islamic State group, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said. According to AFP, Canada’s federal police arrested the young people last weekend at Canada’s Montreal's international airport and their passports have been withdrawn.

The police however reportedly said no charges had been filed and the families and relatives of the 10 people were being interviewed. AFP says the arrests come months after five boys and two girls from Canada’s Montreal area left Canada and apparently joined IS. Another teen was arrested in March for aiming to join the IS group.

The Islamic state has often lured young people to join its group. AFP says the group-known for its brutality in the swathes of territory it controls in Syria and Iraq-has inspired thousands of people to join IS or try to send it support.