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UK: ‘We haven’t got a job” for Fat and unfit Police officers- Britain’s most senior officer


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(By Bonny Apunyu)

Britain's most senior officer, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has reportedly said fat and unfit police must improve their physical condition or "we haven't got a job for them", AP reported Tuesday morning.

According to reports, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe described the standard of an annual fitness test that officers must complete as "too low". Officers are assessed with a 15-metre shuttle run "bleep" test, which became compulsory from September.

AP reported Sir Bernard as saying  he had passed his assessment "very well with no preparation" adding that "It's taken too long to get the annual test, but it will start to have an increasing impact. For me, the standard is too low: I think it should be higher. It's relatively easy to pass."

Those who fail will be given time to lose weight and get fitter, he  reportedly said adding that "If they don't, then we haven't got a job for them. I think you've got a duty to your colleagues," Sir Bernard added.

"If they shout for help, they want fit people to come. They don't want somebody waddling down the road who's never going to arrive, and when they get there they're out of breath." Figures published weeks before the tests became mandatory last year showed that hundreds of officers failed.

AP says Sir Bernard rose through the ranks in South Yorkshire and Merseyside before landing the top job in 2011.