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Two teens arrested in Sweden over murder of 65-year-old man


SomaNet News Archive

(By Bonny Apunyu)

Police in Sweden have arrested two 13-year-old boys in connection to the  murder of a 65-year-old man on a farm in southwestern Sweden, AFP reported Wednesday.

Sweden’s police investigator Cecilia Bergsten  reportedly said in a statement that "It's highly unusual that such young people are suspected of such a serious crime as murder,"

AFP  quoted Sweden’s police as saying  the elderly man was found dead on his farm by a relative on Tuesday, but police have not disclosed how he died. "Witness accounts and objects that link one of the boys to the scene led police to the two boys," the police statement said, adding that the two were suspected of murder.

The pair, whose identities were not disclosed, were arrested on Tuesday evening and taken in for questioning. Both boys were at the time on the run from a foster home in Varberg, in southwestern Sweden, and on Tuesday were in the care of social welfare authorities.

"Interrogations have been held with the boys, but no details will be disclosed about what emerged nor the boys' position regarding the suspicions," the police statement said.

In Sweden, children under the age of 15 cannot be charged with a crime or go on trial. Instead, they are placed in the care of social welfare authorities.Police are not allowed to hold children under 15 in custody either, but can interrogate them as part of an investigation.