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Suicide bomber kills 25 people in southeastern Afghanistan


SomaNet News Archive

At least 25 people were on Sunday killed by a suicide bomber who reportedly detonated his explosives-packed car near a security checkpoint in southeastern Afghanistan, VOA  quoated provincial police chief General Faizullah Ghyrat  as saying the victims included women and children.

According to reports, the bombing in Khost province also wounded dozens of others. Most of the victims are said to be civilians. The violence happened not far from an American military base in the Afghan province, which borders Pakistan.

However, VOA says it was not immediately clear if the Taliban was behind the attack.  It has claimed responsibility for similar bombings.

VOA quoted Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Qazi Khalilullah as saying his country "strongly" condemns the suicide car bombing, adding, "we wish to convey condolences to the bereaved families."

Sources say the suicide bombing comes just days after senior Taliban leaders met with representatives of the Afghan government in neighboring Pakistan to discuss ways to bring an end to hostilities. The groundbreaking talks were the first time the Taliban and the government officials came in direct contact in 13 years.