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  • Welcome! This data has been donated by a Somali author whose name and ways to buy his wonderful book "MEDICAL DICTIONARY - English and Somali / Somali and English" will be published in the coming days. This must-have book for all health and medical professionals with Somali patients has been in circulation for some time now and it will be available online ASAP.

    Do you want to contribute to this wonderful addition to SomaliNet? Please contact us for further information. You can also share this page on social media - link @ the bottom of the page.

You can now search our database of thousands of translated English and Somali medical terms. It took us mere days to accomplish this!

Welcome SomaliNet Health Section - expect a lot more from us...

This long overdue addition to SomaliNet is going to help health professionals and their Somali patients as well as the general public. We'll prepare and publish important health related information in English and Somali. Doctors and other health professionals will be able to print literature for their Somali patients. Our first and immediate project is to translate many medical terms into Somali. Thanks to a Somali author who gave us the right to use his well written English/Somali medical terminology book as reference. His name will be revealed soon and this wonderful book will be sold on Amazon through SomaliNet. Somali interpreters in this field do their best when dealing with medical terms in two different language. However, there are times when they don't know either the English term or its corresponding meaning in Somali. It is also very hard for them to say "I don't know" because their employment may be on the line. Many Somalis say they were misdiagnosed because of poor communication. Well, we are here to solve this problem by creating a searchable database of most confusing medical terms along with their Somali meaning/explanation. Our next move is to widen this database and add Somali version of many available English literature. Are you a doctor? nurse? Somali patient? hospital or clinic administrator? We want to hear from you so that we can add your feedback into this project.

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